Trusted for 15 years to help your family feel at home.

Every closing experience is different—and we are here to accommodate!

Each of our Processors is here to make your settlement process seamless.

Trusted for 15 years to help your family feel at home.


"Cardinal Title Group makes it sooooo EASY! I love the culture, the friendliness, the positivity, the great customer service experience with every client every time. Slam dunk—no ifs , ands, or buts! Would not switch for anything. In fact, I get heart palpitations if a deal is going with another title company. If you don’t use Cardinal Title Group, you don’t know on how much you are missing out."

Desireé Rejeili, REALTOR®

“Cardinal Title was a tremendous help when we had to go to settlement ahead of schedule. Everyone banded together to rush the closing and buyers and sellers were able to settle on time! Sheena was always responsive to emails and Lucky stayed late to make sure everything was buttoned up! Thank you so much! 5 star service!!”

Stephanie Kim, REALTOR®

“I have been in the real estate/processor business and have had dealings with numerous settlement companies within the metro area for over ten years. Without a doubt, Cardinal Title Group has been fabulous, day in and day out, to solve problems, professionally work with all parties, and to cheerfully get everyone to the table.”

Billie Bready, REALTOR®

“Excellent! As a busy Realtor the last thing I need to worry about is handholding a title company through a difficult transaction. Cardinal Title is always response and proactive. Highly recommend.”

Chuck Rifae, REALTOR®

“Outstanding Title company with great rates. I have used them exclusively for 8 years and have never had a problem. Experienced, knowledgeable staff always willing to help.”

Scott Koval, REALTOR®

“I have been using Cardinal Title for 5 years. Fees are very reasonable. Among all, the most important is the service they provided. I only want to deal with someone who knows what they are doing, and can get it done ASAP. I am happy with their services and I have used and will use them for all my settlements.”

Angel Wong, REALTOR®